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Our RIBA Chartered Practice is brimming with forward-thinking, award-winning architects, technologists and other alternatively, really talented folks. For us Anotherkind is more than a name, it’s a mission. Curiosity, playfulness, openness and a can-do attitude aren’t just values scrawled on a wall, but qualities we truly value. If we work together we’re sure you’ll see there’s much more to our name than our name.

Space needs life

It’s the beautiful alchemy of space & life colliding that makes a space, a place. We make grand plans for them to come together, creating progressive, sustainable, life-affirming places. Great places designed for life.

Anotherkind of Architect.

We're certified Passivhaus architects and conservation specialists. Designing life-affirming, genuinely sustainable architecture is what makes us leap out of bed in the morning. Although sometimes it's the kids. Or the hurried knocking of the dead-eager Amazon guy.


We care passionately about the health and happiness of our team, ensuring they have the freedom to focus on designing beautiful places for our clients.

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